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Adult Down Syndrome Center Celebrates 25 years with GOOROOS

Down syndrome, the most common of all genetic conditions associated with intellectual disability, occurs in approximately one out of every 691 births, usually causing delays in physical, intellectual and language development. With appropriate and ongoing medical care, adults and adolescents with Down syndrome can lead healthy and productive lives. The Adult Down Syndrome Center is a comprehensive medical resource providing care for adults with Down Syndrome, with an emphasis on health promotion.

Last night, GOOROOS were blessed with the opportunity to play the Center's Silver Anniversary party at the Chevy Chase Country Club. A moving night of toasts and stories was capped off with hours of dance-floor filling tunes. After the show was over, several of the attendees paused for conversations and pics with members of GOOROOS. One of the attendees summed up the night perfectly: "I have never seen so many smiling, happy, sweaty, engaged young adults in my life. Your music touched everyone in attendance. Thank you for bringing us all together to celebrate the universal language of music."

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