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GOOROOS to play Nightmare on Chicago Street 10/21 (Elgin, IL)

The safe zone will be under heavy military control this year in order to keep everyone safe from the infection. Once again, in order to stay alive, you need to proceed to Nightmare on Chicago Street (enter the safe zone through the gates at Spring Street, Douglas Avenue, Grove Avenue or Fulton Street) in order to maintain all human survival.

Chicago Street from Douglas to Villa will be sanctioned as the SAFE ZONE.

We cannot guarantee that the safe zone will be maintained in an orderly manner.

As with all viral infections that occur, some people will undoubtedly FREAK OUT and destroy some of the businesses and buildings in the safe zone.

Expect some of the businesses to be boarded up, trash everywhere, burning tires, some of the left over cars may be damaged and overturned, as well as ZOMBIES being caged up. Do not fear! Your safety is guaranteed by military presence, concerned citizens and our Zombie Defense Initiative. Some of the businesses will be open for you to get food, shelter (YWCA Warming Station), medical treatment (an ambulance will be there with doctors on hand), and many more food and drink stations throughout the safe zone.

As with all groups of people (or things), some have a kind heart to them and will feel bad for the undead. Expect protesters there fighting for ZOMBIE RIGHTS and several ZOMBIE MARCHES may occur.

This may be your last shot at survival, so we at the ZDI will make sure that every human has a good time with 4 stages of entertainment, bands, food, drinks, vendors, food vendors, live graffiti artists, and guests like SVENGOOLIE.

In order to maintain some sort of economic health after the apocalypse we are asking for a nominal safe zone entrance fee. This will get you into the safe zone to partake in all of the entertainment, but more importantly it will guarantee your survival! Online tickets can be purchased on our website or at the entrance gates.

Below are some pictures to see what you might expect inside the safe zone (only bigger and better!)

Let’s keep the citizens alive!! Enter the safe zone on October 21st, 2017 from 6pm to 11pm at NIGHTMARE ON CHICAGO STREET

#Elgin #Halloween

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